Your Shoes have been designed and hand-crafted with meticulous care in mind. However, you can follow these steps to further extend their lifespan or apply them to any other leather shoes you may own:
  • Use a damp sponge or a soft brush to clean off grainy dirt without damaging the leather.
  • Wipe Your Shoes with a clean damp cloth (microfiber is the best but not a must).
  • For stubborn stains, spray Shout or any laundry stain remover on soiled spots (including stitching), making sure to wipe with a wet cloth afterward.
  • Use a spritz of anti-fungal, deodorizing powder-spray on the inside of Your Shoes every few weeks to freshen them up and keep your feet healthy!
  • Apply a small amount of clear leather conditioner on the surface of Your Shoes every 6 months.
  • Store Your Shoes in a dust bag or shoe closet using a shoe tree when not in use to absorb moisture and odors and to maintain shape (cedar shoe trees are the best)!
  • If Your Shoes get wet, remove the insole, stuff them with a few sheets of clean dry paper, and keep them in a warm place for 1-2 days. Avoid any heaters so the leather doesn’t change its shape.